my most-used words


I have always been a strong believer in the power of writing in conveying our deeper thoughts– the emotions we experience but never have the occasion to express in real-life conversations. (and after tonight, i’m a great fan of speech too i think its beautiful to hear the voice of a friend you trust, to soothe and be soothed)

This word cloud was automatically generated from my Facebook posts with an app (, with the size of the words corresponding to the number of times used. It’s Facebook, and if allllll the GP essays claiming that we flaunt only our achievements on social media counts as a good guide, this word cloud is far from representative of my everyday vocabulary. Even so this reflects a slice of my life… A sorta large slice since I try and try not to succumb to temptation of peacock-ing on Facebook ><

Words are powerful. So what do my words say about me? What do our words say about us? I thought about it more than I’d initially bargained for heh. ‘Work’, ‘amazing’ and ‘hahaha’ is no surprise HAHA– I’ll leave you to guess why. What is truly intriguing and unexpected are ‘Singapore’, ‘time’, ‘memories’, ‘crazy’, ‘rules’, (in descending order of surprise). Have I really mentioned Singapore that much! (Must be my subconscious) And time, too? Hmm :)


ticking tocking time

a new clock has made its home on my desk– a startlingly big bright pink one which shouts the time in thick bold font. its quite a contrast to my previous clock, a mild one which flashed the time occasionally, and when you tilt your head just slightly to the right, the time fades away.

my clock has gotten bigger. my time has gotten scarcer. all of our lives speed by swifter. sometimes now, even writing leaves my with a tinge of guilt and its not nice. back in rgs, you could tell the ‘more responsible ones’ (no not really just a myth) from those less so by whether or not they wore a watch. wearing a watch implies punctuality, conformity (to the school bell) and all those time-related values. i myself have hardly pass a day without a watch strapped to my wrist– hahaha not trying to imply anything but i wonder how it’d be like to live without time’s keeper.

can you imagine how days passed before time was created? when the sun kept time pacing rounds in the sky and and minutes literally blended into hours. i feel a glimpse of that whenever i travel to the countryside– and even in bintan. slightly prickly-queer, strangely liberating.

thinking about time reminded me of this book i saw at kino a year or so ago (thank google)– i’m gonna read it soon!

Time is a “thing” that cannot be grasped, yet which undoubtedly exists. It is a “thing” which everybody speaks of but no one has seen. We see, hear, feel, taste IN time, but not time itself. We are sure we are grounded in physical reality, but it is Chronos — the Greek god of time, said to have ruled the world before Zeus — whose strange principles shape our existence. To confront time, we must approach it carefully, “peeling away” its mysteries one by one, distinguishing it from its various side-effects: duration, memory, movement, speed, repetition. Clocks do not necessarily measure time, for time continues even when we think it is running out. Time may carry us along in its flow, but it is a constant. It exists independently of we who observe it, who live through it, who grow old and die in it.

Today, the boldest look at time, and perhaps the most disconcerting, is provided by physicists. Scientists from Galileo to Einstein, and now in the era of anti-matter and superstrings, wrestle with the mind-blowing questions which time raises: Did time precede the universe? How did it start? Can we reverse its flow? Do several “times” exist in time?