just walk away

the audio in this isn’t the best but i thought the video and the scenes were too precious to sacrifice for the addition drumbeats in the background. i didn’t quite get the video at first– how can such a melancholic song be accompanied by a beginning so sweet? but there’s some half-painful irony here– how¬†she clasps the flower so close, singing about someone so far; how she’s torn between hope and protecting her heart. sigh i keep reminding myself this is HSM for goodness sake but the (over) glamourisation still never fails to get to me– there’s just something pretty enchanting about living in a house with an open-air balcony (whereyoucanshoutyourfrustrationsaway), climbable trees, warm lights and mantelpieces.

p.s. i wonder if Nicholas Carr was right (his book– the shallows: what the internet is doing to our brains) and we are really becoming too cognitively flitty, too used to hopping from little-blue-underlined-hyperlink to hyperlink and so much so that we cannot think deep. even my writing has taken on a subtly choppy edge like the online simulation we get now.

is it time to walk away


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kinda maddd but i know what to do

ughhhhhh i’m so mad. okay fine not VERY but i’m just really perplexed by how some people in this world work. i remember once digging up the wonderful SAT vocabulary list to hurtle weird words at people in my head and in paper and my friends and i ended up laughing so much at the angry-meaning-innocent-looking i wasn’t mad anymore :’) thank you. :) or just talking to people i’m close to. :)

today was a really productive day– core lessons, music lessons<3, The Dream’s meeting with the organization, retail therapy haha, chinese tuition, and finallyyyy came back at almost 10pm (i’ll be doing that for the next few days so sorry my cantankerousness :/)

i love music lessons my teachers are really good, feel so blessed to have met them! felt bad for not practicing my violin and guitar and ukulele, I PROMISE TO :)) i really wanna improve now too, i came a little early for violin, and from outside the room, i heard my teacher playing his violin. it was a beautiful song, and i stood outside for a couple of minutes, just listening before knocking. i wanna play like that too and i believe i can!! :) guitar too. :)

haha listening to this really nice piano piece now it’s so super soothing and ahhh dang i’m sleeping kinda late again bleahx tomorrow but enjoy the moment yeahh :::))

i think my huge optimism bias saves me :) thank you my parents and God for blessing me with two long alleles for the gene coding serotonin transporters which link my ACC and amygdala. :)