happy days and free days :)

haha i felt like it’s been an AGE since I’ve last posted, time has an odd odd way of toying with your mind haha :)

these past few days have been nothing short of absolutely beautiful– :’)

the musical dream<3 everything’s going so brilliantly so far! almost everyone has finished our exams and we’re working hard on this and brimming with hope :) our outing’s coming up soon, and we already have TWO scheduled appearances! we’re heading down to  meet one of the organisations to discuss and finalise our plans with them next week, even so they’ve already confirmed and allocated a day for us, somehow their confidence and resolve is that unshakable, and i really hope we’ll deliver nothing but the best! and my friend heard about us, and requested we perform at the new year’s eve party she organised for the children at KK hospital. our musical directors are kicking into action, and we’re gonna meet as a band to practice in the very near future! :D

music :) haha dang i seem to be taking guitar and violin O levels rather than chinese and malay! yes i really am practicing them every single day :D i’m getting better at fingerstyle playing for my guitar, and by extension my premium brand, my ukulele –heehee pokemon reference for the confused–; and improving rapidly for my violin. i’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn both of them! and i really like my teachers, they really love music and their instrument for its beauty– no pretenses, no getting overwhelmed by money, or little problems in life. music seems to gently carry them away to a different dimension, a whole new world, and its fascinating to watch.

my guitar teacher, mr clinton: i’ve been playing since i was 9, and my guitar’s like my xbox, playstation, what’s that you have? ah yes, ds! all combined. i’d study, then play guitar, then study, then play. i think its lovely, it’s everything combined, and everything i needed to relieve stress… even now when i go on holiday, i keep looking for a place to jam! *laughs*. my violin teacher is pretty young, and super sensitive too haha. once after a particularly long continuous bit of playing, “pass me your violin?” he asks. “are you tired? you looked really tense while playing, (and you didn’t seem like you’re enjoying it). rest for a bit, we’ll continue in a while alright?” completely unexpected coming from a guy, but then again i guess music sensitises one to many many things.

music aside, they inspire me on a whole different level. they show me, they are living proofs, that there are amazing guys on this planet, i just have to be a little patient. :) my future partner better not be music illiterate! or at least, willing to learn and love music… because now that i’ve discovered it, i’m not gonna let music fade away from my life. :) a duet would be beautiful. and on that note…

friends! :) really getting to know all of them better, making new friends (yes, still!!1!). we were singing in class today, harmonizing together to the guitar. :D  teaching some of my schoolmates how to play the guitar now!! (most of us already can though yay), i can’t wait for when we can play together!

friends do drift apart. although i usually advocate patching up our friendship (in literature people don’t give up old for new!) but… i don’t think this is accidental, and i genuinely believe that it’ll be for the better if i selectively allow some of them to… fade. i’m surprisingly sharp despite my lack of experience but i just pray that God guides me while we choose my path together.

reading ^^ haven’t read a book for almost a month, and went out with my friends so much, i felt like the overflowing spring of knowledge deep inside me was drying up x) reading the hobbit now, and ‘the optimism bias’! I have goodreads now so add add meeee~ both are really good books and i have so much to say about the optimism bias ahhh okay look out for another post!

results :) a fantastic bonus i didn’t dare to hope for. my results are surprisingly excellent!! :D so happy yay yay yayy now it’s just O levels to work towards! michelle, you must promise to consistently revise malay and chinese everyday okay!! but i’m not too worried… yet hahaha.


to an amazing bunch :)

take 5 <3 i love us :) — what with our random-emceeing, late night snacks, three-sherbet rule, epic morning meetings, sleepover choingsters ttm :) hahaha how to condense so much into words! sleepy brain’s incapable of it as of now but captaincy is so much more than a title with people around. the brevity of human lives are secondary to the experiences we have, past… or present, or future. :)

house practice was incredible today! refreshing and refilled our ‘happy jars’. :) and i guess i learnt that it’s okay to just go out there and be yourselves, coz people love you so much more for your lack of facade. today we had mass dance prac and our hadlians weren’t too enthu at first, but prancing around on the stage really helped, i think. :) y’know the power-responsibility graph pb, house and well, everyone, always shows me? the one where more power means more responsibility means less freedom because of more expectations? well, more power may mean less freedom, but it doesn’t lead to less genuine self-expression, i’m sure of it!

our mass dance song~

the new songs on my playlist are so nice ahh okay they’ve officially sneaked their way into my blog. XD

`two kids, no consequences;
we were destined to explode~