So this is what dedication is; this is what addiction is. Waking up incredibly early, cycling loads, braving the cold, technique meetings outside, reading up on my own, working out working out working out. It’s probably the gain-loss psychological effect at play but boyy it feels good to improve. Also so inspiring to see how hard everyone else is training, how much they want it to- it’s the little things… from the regular meetup sessions to discuss techniques, to their actual powering it out at the gym at every opportunity. Ugh no way am I gonna be the limiting factor, I swear I’ll make them proud!!

And not mess up my acads along the way hahaha… though I do have Daphne to look up to x) She could manage 4 hours of training a day- it’s all in the mind, time is a sponge. :) Mm managing fairly well now I think- am focused, motivated and organised. Gotta keep it upp (Y)

Importance of coach motivation too heh- our Churchill men’s team made it to the British Championships last year, and if we make it again this year and I’m good enough, I’ll actually get to cox at a national level! Incredible that she’s so generous considering I’m a novice, but ohh so many opportunities to ace things/ screw up. The future looks to be an emotional roller-coaster ride. Strap in, me.



THIS. oh my god. it captures everything so perfectly!! from the stresses of steering an expensive long boat AND calling time AND making technical corrections at the same time, to the whole difference in physical sizes (why are they even listening to me?! why are they telling me to yellll at them), and right down to the most exhilarating feeling of all – zooming at max speed in an eight on a fine day. whoop!! ;D

i don’t even know how i got SO into rowing/coxing this quick?! (should analyse the psychology of rowing ahaha) but its jolly good fun and if you want to understand – to feel – just a little bit of what i’m doing now- check this out. :D