my most-used words


I have always been a strong believer in the power of writing in conveying our deeper thoughts– the emotions we experience but never have the occasion to express in real-life conversations. (and after tonight, i’m a great fan of speech too i think its beautiful to hear the voice of a friend you trust, to soothe and be soothed)

This word cloud was automatically generated from my Facebook posts with an app (, with the size of the words corresponding to the number of times used. It’s Facebook, and if allllll the GP essays claiming that we flaunt only our achievements on social media counts as a good guide, this word cloud is far from representative of my everyday vocabulary. Even so this reflects a slice of my life… A sorta large slice since I try and try not to succumb to temptation of peacock-ing on Facebook ><

Words are powerful. So what do my words say about me? What do our words say about us? I thought about it more than I’d initially bargained for heh. ‘Work’, ‘amazing’ and ‘hahaha’ is no surprise HAHA– I’ll leave you to guess why. What is truly intriguing and unexpected are ‘Singapore’, ‘time’, ‘memories’, ‘crazy’, ‘rules’, (in descending order of surprise). Have I really mentioned Singapore that much! (Must be my subconscious) And time, too? Hmm :)


urban food forest– for anyone. :)

this sounds absolutely delicious– an urban food forest! :) and best of all, it’s for everyone and anyone.

So just who gets to harvest all that low-hanging fruit when the time comes?

“Anyone and everyone,” says Harrison. “There was major discussion about it. People worried, ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’ That could very well happen, but maybe someone needed those blueberries. We look at it this way—if we have none at the end of blueberry season, then it means we’re successful.”

emotions and feelings

Nico Fridja wrote that emotions and feelings are different. (check out his  book The Laws of Emotion!)

Emotions are raw, beyond our control– they arise spontaneously and have a physiological base. Because of that, they are inherently more obvious to others. When we’re happy dopamine, serotonin kicks in and we can’t help but smile, if not a cheerful grin, maybe a subtle crinkle of the eyes. When we’re afraid, it’s adrenaline and that basal fight-flight instinct that fuels fear. Same for sorrow, anger and shame (yes believe it or not).

So those are emotions. Neurochemical fluctuations in our brains that we supposedly can’t help but show.

Feelings are broader, cognitive-based, and consequently much easier to hide. “We are not suddenly hijacked by our feelings as we are by out emotions.” Guilt, anxiety, jealously, indignation, helplessness– these are feelings, and the list goes on. Humans have always been able to mask, moderate and channel our feelings better than our emotions; to slap on a facade and assure the world we’re fine.

But I feel (feel!), that this distinction is soon becoming history. Who hasn’t seen a person smile through tears or face off fear? What happens then, when we learn to mask our emotions?

Robert Coles and the Moral Life

just wow.

So much talk of morality today is marked by aggression and self-righteousness, but Robert Coles speaks in a gentler and deeper moral voice.

When six-year-old Ruby Bridges was jeered, threatened, and hated—for wanting to go to school in segregated New Orleans in the early sixties—she received a request from a young child psychiatrist named Robert Coles. He wanted to know what the little girl was thinking and feeling. They talked to each other over several months, and the deeper their conversation went, the more Coles was surprised.

“She once told me she felt sorry for those people who were trying to kill her,” Coles says. “I asked her, ‘You feel sorry for them?’ And she looked at me and said, ‘Well, don’t you think they need feeling sorry for?’ Talk about wisdom! And talk about moral intuition. I sat there stunned. I was applying standard psychology, trying to help her realize that she was maybe angry at these people, and bitter and anxious, and she was telling me that she prayed for them. I was struck dumb and I was silent, because I had to reflect upon this child’s wisdom. She was smart enough to understand, without taking courses in the social sciences or other fields of inquiry, what happens to people.”

full article here! :) incredibly interesting– doesn’t just talk about the incident above (in fact that’s only the intro), it delves into the rich life of a sincere, honest, humble and intelligent gentleman.

thoughts off the tip of my head

1. receiving results is always nerve-wracking but receiving results for major exams seems (logically) even scarier. people-watched with jun hao today while waiting for our ‘leaders for a better age’ interview and it’s just wow to see them receive it– the pre-anticipation, moment of truth, followed by the unadulterated fist pump or sinking disappointment. :/ it was almost terrifying to watch and i can hardly imagine me doing the same, 2 years from now. :O

2. i wish i had more time, more hours in a day.

3. music is lovely.

4. friends are easy to make but hard to maintain. :/

5. dang i want to do too many things but no focusing focusing on violin and taekwondo first it’s just– there’re so many cool things in this world.. maybe being an immortal sparkly vampire isn’t so bad after all hahaha :)




My Reading Life 1

A couple of really good articles I read / am reading! Spans a wide range of topics in my bid to become a better person :)

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I support them or anything! This is just a slice of what I’m reading now. And I genuinely feel we must read widely and without bias in order to be all-rounded, developed and wholesome individuals (gosh I sound like a healthy wholegrain wheat or smth!!), not caught up in our own bubble! This openness of heart and mind has made me who I am, and I’m not giving it up hahaha.

Abortion, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice:

James Rollins: (thanks XingYue!) — Interesting, Biology’s my favorite subject after all! :D

On Being Martian:

Gender Stereotypes and Fluidity:

Random Astro stuff:



More on it later– but it really had me marveling the beauty (or sometimes, sadly not) of human spirit and discovery. I’m proud of our species. :)

I’m following the US Presidential Elections too and ohmystars thank goodness<3