PB Formal Farewell :’)

I seem to be saying farewell to so many things (way more than I’m prepared for!)– be it through a grand ceremony, or silently in my heart– our principal, my school, my juniors in Prefectorial Board… Mmm not sure what to feel, just know a myriad of feelings

And here’s my tribute to PB, in the only way I know how– in simple, sincere, warm words (language is beautiful!) and in maybe in a poem or two.

PB has been an amazing journey for me– shaping defining me and hahaha I saw Gen’s video, boy have I changed over the years!! I used to be this derpy person haha I’ve grown so much, been an awestruck junior, a maturing year 3, shy new house captain emceeing impromptu gatherings, a leader, a pioneer of a project now!! Never thought I would be able to claim this but :’)

TBC! Gtg sleep now :)

BUT I guess a wonder of life is that i seem to be greeting equally many things! Be it the seniors I missed, my new school and campus, new subjects, the prospect of new friends, new CCAs, new environment… Whole New Beginnings!

“A new day is a fresh start, make the most of it!” “一年之计在于春,一日之计在于晨。” — I’m not too sure if they’re synonyms but haha whatever la!!

Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru saya tadahkan. So many people to thank!! :)


to an amazing bunch :)

take 5 <3 i love us :) — what with our random-emceeing, late night snacks, three-sherbet rule, epic morning meetings, sleepover choingsters ttm :) hahaha how to condense so much into words! sleepy brain’s incapable of it as of now but captaincy is so much more than a title with people around. the brevity of human lives are secondary to the experiences we have, past… or present, or future. :)

house practice was incredible today! refreshing and refilled our ‘happy jars’. :) and i guess i learnt that it’s okay to just go out there and be yourselves, coz people love you so much more for your lack of facade. today we had mass dance prac and our hadlians weren’t too enthu at first, but prancing around on the stage really helped, i think. :) y’know the power-responsibility graph pb, house and well, everyone, always shows me? the one where more power means more responsibility means less freedom because of more expectations? well, more power may mean less freedom, but it doesn’t lead to less genuine self-expression, i’m sure of it!

our mass dance song~

the new songs on my playlist are so nice ahh okay they’ve officially sneaked their way into my blog. XD

`two kids, no consequences;
we were destined to explode~