Gavel Projects

Hahaha oh no i’ve spent wayyy to long stuck on project 5 (of the 10 toastmasters project) coz of a series of events that just happened to prevent me from going to gavel for weeks ;( i need to hunker down and write something. (this doesn’t count). i’ve some ideas but i’m always reviewing them! in the words of our chairperson with a bit of my own drama and paraphrasing where my memory fails:

“Let’s make our speeches interesting! No more speeches on examinations or commodification or procrastination (an especially-common topic that strikes us when we are in its throes). Challenge ourselves.”

Here are my ideas so far :) as related to the topic as possible:

Project 6 – vocal variety: there are 2 types of people in this world (??? i need to research this hahaha i just thought this could be pretty humourous/entertaining)

Project 7  – research your topic: can we create superheroes?

Project 8 – visual aids (we have to speak with slides): every world press photo winner from 1955-2011, taken from i haven’t begun crafting my speech so maybe i’m worrying prematurely but i think this may be my most challenging speech yet. the powerful images mean there’s so much -too much!- to convey and i’m afraid i won’t do it justice.

Project 9 – persuade with power

Project 10 – inspire your audience


dreams jar~


colourful memories night and day,
cavorting thoughts to lead the way;
sun and rain– come what may,
a rainbow emerges with its glorious array.

sleep dreams, daydreams, real dreams, crazy ones! And memories :))))) One day it’s gonna be full. =^^=

the four-letter ‘L’ word

four-letter L word


Exactly a year ago Valentine’s Day, I first attempted to write this. x) I wanted to talk about like/love for yourself, or like/love for the nation in contrast to like/love for your partner– but the former felt a little over-written (especially by all the righteous singles out there who always seem more represented on V’day than the couple); the center bit made me feel like a political stooge; and I didn’t have a clue for the last.

And so, in my indecision, this post was abandoned with just a title and a lone ‘:)’ in the body.

I think I’m inching (or is it hurtling?) towards a deeper understanding; maybe one day I’ll finally be able to write about love for what it truly is. ;) That’ll be nice ^^