happy days and free days :)

haha i felt like it’s been an AGE since I’ve last posted, time has an odd odd way of toying with your mind haha :)

these past few days have been nothing short of absolutely beautiful– :’)

the musical dream<3 everything’s going so brilliantly so far! almost everyone has finished our exams and we’re working hard on this and brimming with hope :) our outing’s coming up soon, and we already have TWO scheduled appearances! we’re heading down to  meet one of the organisations to discuss and finalise our plans with them next week, even so they’ve already confirmed and allocated a day for us, somehow their confidence and resolve is that unshakable, and i really hope we’ll deliver nothing but the best! and my friend heard about us, and requested we perform at the new year’s eve party she organised for the children at KK hospital. our musical directors are kicking into action, and we’re gonna meet as a band to practice in the very near future! :D

music :) haha dang i seem to be taking guitar and violin O levels rather than chinese and malay! yes i really am practicing them every single day :D i’m getting better at fingerstyle playing for my guitar, and by extension my premium brand, my ukulele –heehee pokemon reference for the confused–; and improving rapidly for my violin. i’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn both of them! and i really like my teachers, they really love music and their instrument for its beauty– no pretenses, no getting overwhelmed by money, or little problems in life. music seems to gently carry them away to a different dimension, a whole new world, and its fascinating to watch.

my guitar teacher, mr clinton: i’ve been playing since i was 9, and my guitar’s like my xbox, playstation, what’s that you have? ah yes, ds! all combined. i’d study, then play guitar, then study, then play. i think its lovely, it’s everything combined, and everything i needed to relieve stress… even now when i go on holiday, i keep looking for a place to jam! *laughs*. my violin teacher is pretty young, and super sensitive too haha. once after a particularly long continuous bit of playing, “pass me your violin?” he asks. “are you tired? you looked really tense while playing, (and you didn’t seem like you’re enjoying it). rest for a bit, we’ll continue in a while alright?” completely unexpected coming from a guy, but then again i guess music sensitises one to many many things.

music aside, they inspire me on a whole different level. they show me, they are living proofs, that there are amazing guys on this planet, i just have to be a little patient. :) my future partner better not be music illiterate! or at least, willing to learn and love music… because now that i’ve discovered it, i’m not gonna let music fade away from my life. :) a duet would be beautiful. and on that note…

friends! :) really getting to know all of them better, making new friends (yes, still!!1!). we were singing in class today, harmonizing together to the guitar. :D  teaching some of my schoolmates how to play the guitar now!! (most of us already can though yay), i can’t wait for when we can play together!

friends do drift apart. although i usually advocate patching up our friendship (in literature people don’t give up old for new!) but… i don’t think this is accidental, and i genuinely believe that it’ll be for the better if i selectively allow some of them to… fade. i’m surprisingly sharp despite my lack of experience but i just pray that God guides me while we choose my path together.

reading ^^ haven’t read a book for almost a month, and went out with my friends so much, i felt like the overflowing spring of knowledge deep inside me was drying up x) reading the hobbit now, and ‘the optimism bias’! I have goodreads now so add add meeee~ both are really good books and i have so much to say about the optimism bias ahhh okay look out for another post!

results :) a fantastic bonus i didn’t dare to hope for. my results are surprisingly excellent!! :D so happy yay yay yayy now it’s just O levels to work towards! michelle, you must promise to consistently revise malay and chinese everyday okay!! but i’m not too worried… yet hahaha.


The Musical Dream – The Team


:) The Team. A brilliant mix of everyone, and synergy’s starting to pick up. When we start to meet to jam and rehearse, i’m hoping we’ll grow closer. :) Hahaha yay a band! Advocacy impacts everyone!

On another note, the ‘Conceptualisation’ post has been updated! ;D

The Musical Dream – Conception :)

the start of something new.

conception, formation, boom we’re in existence. my online diary… of the first project i ever dreamt of, that came true. thank you so so much xingyue, ka ying, huilin, shermine, carol, fangfang, ian, lightning, darrel, joel.

i’m gonna write  more later– every project tells a story, every dream has a beginning. and this is mine ours. :)

:) a smile, for now!

///edit 9 October 2012:

Thinking and thinking about what to write in this section, and suddenly i knew the answer: my recruitment email! the one we carefully crafted and poured our spirit into. the email that set our dream into motion by drawing together like-minded people. :)

Sent: 30 September, one day till the start of a new month!

Dear friend,

Remember The Dream we were talking about / I was trying to tell you about? :)

It may be a Dream… But it’s no fantasy. Together, a team of us want to make it come true!

So what is it about? The festive season is a cause of celebration for most. But amidst our jubilant cheers, how many of us stop to consider those who don’t have a community to celebrate with? The lonely, the sick, and the old. We wanted cheer them up some way, somehow, but HOW? How do we go about doing that, in an interesting and unorthodox way? Well… Purely visiting them is too mainstream, and way too many people already raise funds (besides, how much comfort does cold hard cash bring?).

And suddenly we struck gold – Music. Music connects hearts, music is universal, and virtually nothing speaks louder than a few choice songs. The human companionship that accompanies our live band is something insanely precious as well.

So that’s what our Dream is about! We want to gather a band of students and play for old folks homes, children homes, and even hospitals! (it’s not very nice to be sick during Christmas, is it. :/) It doesn’t just have to be a concert– it could be a party, with music, interaction, food, party hats and little souvenirs! Something to liven up the place for a day, fill it with happy atmosphere.

There’s amazing potential in this project because we fulfil a niche area! We’re an all-student band with heart. Organisations who organise parties for their children or elderly may want some good entertainment, but commercial bands are wayyyy too expensive, and just there for the money. If we’re good enough, they will want to invite us to perform for them… Maybe for a small fee? :) It’s almost a social entrepreneur project. And there’s the other possibility of us being a safe and stimulating platform for young kids to volunteer. We could set up a website, and they could sign up to learn!

It is a firm belief of mine that advocacy doesn’t just help our target community… The advocates should benefit. ;) We’re uniting people from different background, different schools, and different walks of life in this Dream. And for those who don’t know music and would like to learn, we could learn together. :)

We’re looking for a core team of about 15 people – Enough to plan (we’ll have a separate team of volunteers later!), yet small enough to be a close-knit community. :)

I’m writing to you because I want you to join our team, and be a part of this Dream! To be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to create happiness and uplift the spirits of those all over the world.

We really feel that you are the right person for this Dream, that you have something to contribute, and something to benefit from this. Hence, we like to officially invite you to join this movement! Haha there’s no pressure at all for you to join, but if you’d really love to… We’re pretty darn motivated to do this, so you must share our passion, our enthusiasm, and some part of you must personally want this as much as we do. That’s the key to the success of anything, you see – Personal involvement. :) Things will only be as good as you will them to! Your academics will always come first, so no worries about exams and stuff, we only want dedication! :D

As of now, we’re planning hard, but still not sure how this is gonna pan out. After all, this is an independent student-run project with huge hearts and huge dreams, but one thing’s for sure – It’s gonna be a great journey for us all.

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” Sarah Ban Breathnach. Ten years from now, what will you remember of your youth?

Thank you for reading through this long email (haha even by my standards!), and have a brilliant day. Or should I say, make today a brilliant day. ^^

Do reply to all of us by this Wednesday if you wanna join, and tell us what instrument you can play (or not haha it’s okay!)! We want to finish the main planning and contacting stage by mid-October, so that we can start the build-up and practice for the event. :) Currently, we’re looking at Rainbow Centre for our target. :)

On behalf of The Musical Dream’s core team: XingYue, Ka Ying, Carol, Hui Lin, Fangfang, Shermine.

“If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them.”

The actual email was wayyy more colourful haha i love colours<3

p.s. if you’re here to read about The Dream, click on the category on the right! –> all my posts will be in there (i’ll try my best :))

meaning in life :) – TMD, TSP, something :)

definitely caught my eye!! i wanna go but…


i have TMD now<3 our dream haha must nurture this baby– we’re doing so incredibly well, ideas bubbling, excitement building, this will go somewhere!!

and i got into The Singlish Project! haha remember the post i made a long long while back :) wow.

and i wanna sign up for Meet-the-People Sessions! the recent national conversation with MP Mdm Halimah was really interesting, and much like pb (okay my late-night analogies are not very known for saneness but–) i think being a government is difficult. so many different groups to consider, our state, and of course the greater good. :)

should i? :O swinging a little between both binaries but must follow my heart. while we’re still young!!

goodnight, world :)