Miserere Mei

I queued for hours to watch the King’s College Cambridge choir perform at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols last year. The venue really is as beautiful as it looks, and the voices + acoustics stunning! Here’s a choral piece I particularly like :) First stumbled upon it as a hilarious April Fools’ day video where the high notes could only be hit with the help of helium! Hahaha, enjoy :)


run/read right into you

not running running running but i’m reading¬†and it’s equally powerful equally scary

like a slow fire burn;

edit 1 feb’14: i’m not sure if this is too wistful thinking but whenever people give me their personal blog addresses i’m honoured and awed and curious and pleased all at the same time. because i think one’s writing can show a lot of one’s character and world view and ideals and that’s a precious thing to know about any person. :)

conversely, i used to feel a bit of… trepidation whenever i gave people my blog link, because that is effectively granting them access to all my past thoughts, present thoughts, (and since i’m too much in love with this blog to give it up), my future thoughts too. and i thought it was altogether a tremulously exciting business. but slowly i’m coming to realise that it doesn’t matter… because we are only genuinely¬†interested in another’s thoughts if we are interested in the person her/himself. (we are invested in the happiness of another only if we like the person– i learnt that in cambodia hehheh). so say i give a stranger my blog link! she/he wouldn’t check it much unless the issues posted resonate with her/him, or unless she/he is my friend. and even in the latter case there’s some uncertainty. ahahaha!

new baby kid on the block, i mean, facebook :)

my violin teacher has a baby boy!! :) he posts lots of photos and you can really see how proud he is of his kid ^^ one of my first times personally knowing someone with a new kid, especially now that I understand things more (watching my little cousin when I was 5 hardly count haha)– really quite awesome hahaha #newexperience

This is the song he wanted to tell his kid– I think the title says it all. _ data player

I wonder if he plays violin for the baby everyday. also wondering how he always manages to coax lovely melodies from my violin something i never can myself. just you wait violin– slowly but surely one day I’ll rise up to your challenge =^^=