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BigThink sends me emails so here was my 10 minute hop through the internet starting with its article on creativity. These 3 somehow seem to sync together pretty well– powerful positive words.





Science Journalism



Under the broader field of science communicators there is this amazing profession!! Dr Carl Sagan, Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr Brian Cox, Dr Michio Kaku (why are they all astrophysicists), Steve Irwin (1 biologist?!). Physics is cool and astronomy is inspiring but nature has so much to share too. How can we not be inspired by the clockwork precision with which we tick; by the animals who seem to have moralities too (Frans de Waals); by how little we understand of the world around us despite our inescapable presence in it (like the role of music)? Can biology reconcile with wonder? Can biology give us beauty? Can biology explore the issues of our place in the universe too? Because these seem to be things we are innately and helplessly fascinated by.

I want to write to learn to inspire. Watch out, worlddddd!

Treehouses and interesting reads #1 :)

More interesting pieces because despite promos in 4 days i just can’t help myself from reading– but if it’s any comfort, (to all you people out there too ahahaha)

time enjoyed

So much inspiration to draw from and a myriad of writing styles to appreciate! Maybe someday i’ll write beautiful reflective pieces that are unequivocally mine.

Till then, I just want a treehouse.

treehouse 1


treehouse interior

treehouse interior 1

Architects from recently disbanded La Casa Sull’albero had this shared philosophy that “the trunk, its branches and its leaves decide what a house will look like, but it will certainly be much more comfortable than you imagine”.  The idea that we honour the curves and beauty of nature to create complementary structures — rather than whack it till its square and shiny — appeals to me on a deeper level… which, comes to think of it, probably explains my younger days’ fascination with ‘The Faraway Tree’ series by Enid Blyton (i thumbed through The Enchanted Wood again and again till it almost fell to bits). Hmm! The new things we learn everyday from self-introspection :O

More treehouse pictures here hahaha some of them are actually for visitors to stay in! Definitely wanna visit a couple after As :)

New Zealand :D

More reads! =^^=

On the crafting the art that is writing:

Lack of affection: the causes and effects of feeling love

Yoga and freediving:

The power of touch for both men and women:

dreams jar~


colourful memories night and day,
cavorting thoughts to lead the way;
sun and rain– come what may,
a rainbow emerges with its glorious array.

sleep dreams, daydreams, real dreams, crazy ones! And memories :))))) One day it’s gonna be full. =^^=

service-learning, bubbles and Adventure

“service, combined with learning, adds value to each and transforms both.”
Honnet & Poulsen, 1989, p.1

i’m really glad for the 2 hours i get every monday morning (despite the 2 hour sleep compromise)– to reflect about things bigger than myself. 2 (or was it 3?) weeks ago, we had a combined ISLE lecture about Cambodia and Laos, by a teacher whom i respect quite a lot! i like her style of lecturing– how she seamlessly integrates her travel experiences with the presentation to make the whole thing seem so real, so in touch with us.

i’ll post what they said her later– but what i wanted to bring across, was the conversation i had with Nanshan after that.

Me: do you think people here actually think about these things much? (fate, luck, ways of living, stress, children picking up rubbish before school played through my head)
N: hmm maybe not quite…
Me: do you think that’s good, then? is there a purpose is us thinking about things like these? about poverty in cambodia, about our opportunities, about global warming, about life and love and compassion and respect?

…when they aren’t actually related to us at all? so yes, people do say that poverty somewhere there will cause instability, that global warming will ruin our generation. but the world has been chugging along just fine even with these things abound, and we’ll probably be equally (if not, more) well-off ignoring the existence of things we can’t cure.

can you imagine the number of people living their entire lives in singapore? life begins as a kid too young to understand much, then its kindergarten, then a primary school (pocket money provided if you can’t afford it, milk to drink if you’re underweight), PSLE, secondary school (what stream are you in?)… here paths diverge, but for the majority of people, maybe JC/poly/ITE then time to workkkk. and with work comes responsibilities to contend with (providing for your parents), and suddenly its 9am-5pm 9-5 9-5 everyday. maybe somewhere along the line a partner comes along, then there’s kids, family, the occasional holiday to “break away from the hectic singaporean life” (though sadly singaporeans do spend a lot of holiday time comparing their country and singapore (?!?!))… well, the list goes on.

all the while they stay in singapore– our surprisingly, marvelously, artificially perfect city. lights, water, clean environment. nothing too dangerous, but…

nothing exciting as well. no mountains to climb, no nature to touch, no wonders to appreciate.

if i had a greatest fear, it’d be this, i guess. going through the motions of life– with a little bit of ups and downs, but nothing dramatic. i don’t know if it’s an inherent love for adventure but sometimes i just wanna break free. break out of this bubble. i wanna see the world. and i’m looking forward to ISLE Cambodia :) Rainwater’s the toughest group i heard! we all stay in a big house in the middle of the village, shop for our own groceries and cook our own food, draw water from the well… teach kids, stomp on cement to build a water-collecting jug. :) let’s go!

i once read this quote:

life is like a heartbeat– its the ups and downs that prove you’re alive.