My poetry blog!
-my thoughts sometimes converge in poetry

This will be my dedicated poetry and short prose blog from now on!

I decided to separate it for neatness, clarity, and so people who just want poetry won’t have to sieve through my myriad of uninspired ramblings and half-finished thoughts on this blog. And also because I want to collate and share poetry which inspires me. :)

I’ll still be posting poetry here, but head there for a solid fill of artfully-crafted written word. Both mine (probably not that artful) and those of famous poets (definitely very artful). For better or for worse, I usually write only when the impulse strikes, so I’ll do my best to update regularly – disclaimer: my definition – but no guarantees! I do so love to write though, and I keep a paper book to pen down stray, occasionally promising thoughts. So I might stick those up rather more frequently.

Note of warning: that is actually converted from an old science-poetry blog of mine… so to save me some embarrassed winces, you might want to steer clear of the older poems… alternatively, go if you sorely need a chuckle, or need to produce an eyebrowsraised-headshaking-dignified-incredulous-look-of-alarm on demand. I keep them there purely for those purposes. You’re most welcome.

See you there!


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