Reflecting on an ouch

Wincing against yet another pounding headache yesterday, trying and failing -laughably, I’ll admit- to stop a sneeze and save my throat… (for the record that’s an impossible task. Being sick is horrid.) that simple and sincere “I want to take care of you” meant more to me than I let on. Thank you. :)

(Actions, not words! A little voice at the back of my mind pipes up, accusatorially. I push it away.)

/edit: Reflecting on what was recently posted in the prayer group… Do we base too much on the words of others? A few words of affection, of praise, can make us glow; while words which wound and hurt, spoken on impulse or hissed with malice can ruin our whole day. God’s Word is constant and endlessly affirming, yet I doubt and don’t (dare) let it comfort me…?

And a quote with all due credit to her, because I wouldn’t have known it otherwise:

These are my children, with whom I am well-pleased


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