Eurovision 2016

Last minute decision to watch Eurovision and here I am, two hours later, trying to convince myself that university is an education for life… not just exams. Ahaha who am I kidding x) (evidently still rather divided about how to spend my time, including writing but kkk 10 min before sleeping- i can afford that)

Anyway yes, a cultural education! Most of the Queens watch it every year and I can totally imagine how much bonding it must be for the family- sprawled on comfy sofas around a television enjoying the mostlyy good music, laughing at the cheesy glitzy bits, cheering, cringing, chatting. :’) It started in 1951 and is the longest-running international TV song, so it’s literally been generations! AND ABBA won Eurovision for Sweden ahhh I do so love their songs :D I just watched the video (1974) and they literally won it with vocals, choreography, and costumes alone, no special stage effects.


Come Together. I absolutely adore the theme of Eurovision. K talks about how he loves sports for uniting people; that resonates so much with me and I love that music can do the same on so many different levels!! Family, friends, nations, the international community :)

So so so resultsssss:

Ukraine won!! Such a simple but poignant song; I think her vocals really carried it though – the high note in the last chorus my oh myy. And the passion. The singer mentioned (though it was in the excitement of the moment and I’m not sure how true it is?) that it’s a personal story for her. When nations go to war, it’s so easy to talk about the big players, the important chess pieces, the politics… but well, war touches everyone. And no amount of guilt-shifting can change that.


I personally quite like Miracle by Azerbaijan as well ;) The tune rather than the lyrics ahaha coz can miracles really save relationships?!


And finally, Australia- the second place, and the juries’ favourite by far (100 points), they came in 4th for audience votes though, and lost to Ukraine. Sung by Korean-Australian Dami Im.

“Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence.” that particular line just… made me shiver the first time I heard it brrr not even sure why and I’m not thinking about it.

I put it here because it was unique, and also because of this YouTube comment I saw: “Chinese singing for Australia in EUROvision.”

What is multiculturalism? Beyond the statistics which Singapore repeatedly stresses (the percentages, the ethnic numbers) I think it’s the slow shift from a generation of “casual racists” (a phrase I nicked from M to describe her nan, who isn’t overtly racists but thinks that anything non-white and non-straight is foreign) to a nation where at the smallest level of social unit, multicultural friendship groups can exist. Shaped by the everyday actions of every single one of us. I’m gonna remember this even as the majority in Singapore- I’m just putting it out here to remind myself of this promise ahaha. :)

kayy this was definitely not 10 minutes oops goodnight world(:


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