Life as of 6 Feb’16

Coxed a W2 race today- definitely wasn’t our best showing, but I’m so proud of us and happy that there was a positive mood all round. Always looking ahead, striving to become better, stronger, faster. Much admiration. :)  Getting-on race, Lent Bumps, away trainings, intensive training camp… M1 is looking really decent and I’m so excited to be part of em. Rather difficult decisions as usual, though-  camaraderie vs ambition, comfort vs excitement, stability vs roller coasters of stress and exhilaration.

Elections for the Singapore Society!! Really  happy with how things turned out :) arrangements might have been better I think but all things considered, don’t think I could’ve asked for a better result… Proud of how I stepped up (or at least tried to!) too. Hoping this won’t clash too much with rowing…

Hung out with my friends! Really starting to click better too~

:) fun times up ahead. Possibly tough times too. Gonna plan well ahead and take them with a hint of optimism. Till later~


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