Serendipity…on my own.

Just a random paragraph what with the significantly greater amounts of alone time I’ve been enjoying- an inevitable result of living alone, but also partly due to choice.

Serendipity just means pleasant surprises stumbled upon by accident. But are these happy discoveries best found alone? Mmm I used to think not, but I’m not sure now… I think it really depends – I feel like I’m on the precipice of a great change in attitudes.

I’ve seen the most beautiful sights, bumped into old best friends and had my most relaxed moments in my times of random exploration. My weekly cafe-breakfast mornings after rowing and before lectures has unearthed some quaint cafes with great food – perhaps because that breakfast is usually the only time I’m in no hurry and actually savour my food heh. So many decisions made spontaneously and carefree-ly, based on my ever-changing priorities. Is it even possible to discover the joys of serendipitous encounters with someone?


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