With me; left behind

I’ve never shifted house before (only been a useful -not- helper in my various extended family’s house moving), so I’ve never personally experienced what it’s like to put all your life belongings in a box and go. Even if I did, I suppose it’ll be nothing like moving to a whole new country. For one, you know that everything from the old house is pretty much going to be in the new house, albeit in an ungainly box for a bit. Moving a continent away… that assurance is pretty much gone.

I know some friends who pack a week before they leave, but for my family and I (everyone was more excited than me at the beginning I think!) the process began literally months in advance. 4 medium-sized luggage came out and was eventually replaced by bigger luggage and everything went in. It’s funny how many random things one has that is usually out of sight and hence out of mind, or simply taken for-granted: chargers, special waterbottle soap, a table clock, my favourite ergonomic keyboard…

Everything I could stuff into 4 suitcases, I did. Even after lugging 90kg worth of -essentials- here though, my room still seemed pretty bare. But functional! After buying a bunch of stuff here (still nothing compared to what I have at home), it is so comfortable though. Makes me wonder how much of the things I had at home I actually needed…

I’m not even sure what the point of this post is anymore heh. It started off as a thought about the things I left behind but I don’t think its panning out all that well ahaha. I’m heading to bed first, nights. x)


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