Cambridge here I come :)

Admittedly, this post is a little late in coming hahaha, written as it is 2 weeks into the start of term. It didn’t feel quite so real before I physically arrived, and after I did, I didn’t have time at all to sit down and write! But well here it is, better late than never. x)

After months of deliberating and nervous anticipation and final decisions, here I am, officially matriculated in the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. It has been the best experience of my life so far!! (I know I say that for practically every new phase of my life- and isn’t it great that each one is – or at least, feels – so much more than the previous? I think it shows true growth.) I’m so psyched for everything that is to come. :) :) And excited to write about it too! As usual, this blog will capture the little bits and pieces of my life, poignant odds and ends which come together to hopefully shed some light on how I’m doing… and be fodder for me to smile and laugh at in years to come. Haha okay this is just supposed to be an introductory post to mark a new phase of life. Everything I talk about here or reference will likely refer to things in Cambridge or that happen while I’m in Cambridge. So dear readers…

It’s Cambridge from here on out. :) Cheers~


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