we are jigsaws shedding puzzle pieces

While wincing against the bite of water on my raw skin (I hate those shoes) and half-heartedly reflecting, I realised that there are so many moments that we’ll never be able to capture and share with our loved ones.

The glow after exercising, with wild locks of escaped hair hair framing a rosy face. The exuberance after an exciting event spilling out in lines of endless chatter. The little puddle of contentment I melt into after a warm fragrant bath when I curl up on the sofa. The sulkiness from a gentle rebuke. The bouncy anticipation of a new gift. The mischievous spirit shining through in a moment of childish tongue-poking fun.

What are these moments but reflections of who we are as a person? Each of us is multi-faceted – like a diamond – and these moments are like light shining through each facet. Together they illuminate the diamond in its glorious splendor (or cracked, sorry state). Trying to freeze and capture these moments is as futile as trying to trap light in your palms.

You have to be present in the moment; you have to experience it. And that is why we spend so much time with the precious people in our lives- in hope of catching those moments. Slowly we piece them together. And I believe this process happens again and again- there is never a “It’s complete.” moment. Every time we meet a new piece is found, old pieces are polished, odd pieces which suddenly make sense are refitted.

Perhaps that’s why after a period of absence, the jigsaw feels slightly foreign again. It’s been too long since we held it in our hands, ran our fingers over the puzzle and memorized it’s every groove. It’s been too long since we were handed a fresh piece. Perhaps that is why friends are best made in environments when we can meet ever so often (princess anna comes to mind). It’s familiar yet fresh, comfortable yet enriching – never boring. Then what about times where we spend intense, long periods together? That’s like us getting so many puzzle pieces at once it takes a while to mull over (holiday camps and summer school comes to mind)- are those conducive for making friends?


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