snapshots of life

he crouches. holds still. aim.

an explosive force! coiled muscles release, the stick shoots forward, the ball moves, then another… and another.

i never thought pool could be such an interesting game to watch- but the elegance is undeniable. the fluid movements, the sharp precision. the straight lines and elastic collisions. and the triumphant grin or sheepish smile, the mock growls at obstinate balls.


wake up. read. read. read. sleep.

transitioning from one dreamy world to another. we defy all odds- we’re masters of time and space.


it’s not easy to find someone in a crowd based on their Facebook profile picture alone.

slightly scary too. familiarity and strangeness exist on a continuum… nostalgic features on a strangers face, or foreign expressions on a familiar face.

but he finds me and it is a great evening. two people connecting with the promise of 3 years ahead together. the chat is mainly get-to-know-you; indeed the learning curve is steepest at first, and eventually tapers off when most of what there is to know is known. once the newly-inducted friend is brought up to date with the past, the focus switches to the present. (i think this is where most friendships start to stagnate – just how many people are interested in our ordinary, everyday lives? i wonder how long it takes for foreign to turn friendly, and friendly to turn stale. >< and how to stop this inevitable march.


i love the feel of cutting through the water.

swimming is a sport i believe i might enjoy forever. the water is so yielding, so smooth. the possibilities are endless – floating diving twirling – even playing games… water balloons come to mind.

in my mind’s eye, the swimming pool is inseparably intertwined with the beautiful memory of kelvin and I playing with water balloons and giving the… rainbow to the little boy. bringing him joy in the myriad colours of the bobbing water-air balloons. then running up together for a warm shower and a family dinner.

today, the same memory gives me strange shivers. shivers i swim harder to leave behind… hoping i’m not a hamster on a wheel.


burnt off some restless energy today but it is not enough and when Eric and I part too soon i’m out looking for company. i love my own company- but i’m all dressed up and refuse to just crawl home after such an effort to leave the house.

company is hard to come by on such short notice and most of my friends are in the limbo – half-free yet not enough to leave the house for me. i’ve almost decided on going to play pool on my own (despite aaron’s grim warnings that i would get  magic comes in the form of audrey initiating a conversation inviting me to her house anytime (though she possibly didn’t expect me to pop up 20 mins after ahaha).

when i return my phone is awash in messages inviting me out another time just not that night heh. here’s to friends i guess <3 :’)


AHH I AM ACTUALLY NERVOUS FOR DANCE. Why oh why did I agree to stand in the pointy front part of our pyramid. Hahaha x) it’ll be an interesting experience zzz let’s hope the video turns out alright. :)


some friendships never die, but 9 months of not meeting did create some ice.

we examine each other in silence, eyes probing, gaze thoughtful.

“you’ve grown” I offer.
“you haven’t” he returns.

our matching half-grins form a whole. and the warmth building all but vanishes the ice.

we are architects of our own happiness… but a boost from outside is always, always welcome.


Went to watch some live Cantopop music w my parents at Scarlet City and learnt how to cha-cha. And managed to play on the Jubeat hehehe cheap thrills x) haven’t had so much fun with my family in a while!~


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