I think I met more different people this week than I have in a full month- both new and old friends and every single one precious to me. I’ve neglected many things, reading, writing, spending quiet time with my family and myself, swimming… And they’re only trickling back because K is away.

I think this is a perfect opportunity to re-look at my life >< not that it was terrible before, but because I think balance is essential, and balance is something I have been missing thus far. It applies to us both?

First- a support network. It’s not called a network for nothing heh. Network implies diversity of connections. One person alone, no matter how great he/she is, can never achieve what a network can give. I need to spend more time with different people- it’s only healthy that way.

Second- enjoying my own company. I’m a firm believer in the good of people, especially loved ones x) With some notable exceptions, most people aren’t out to get you. Even so, humans are terrifyingly unpredictable. New adventures are hard to resist (heck hahaha I should know the lure), new faces (or even familiar faces in fresh contexts) are alluring- we are practically hard-wired to be responsive to changes in our environments. Novel is thus usually more attention-grabbing… and it’s easy to forget about life outside of our immediate sphere when immersed in an exciting environment. Sometimes that environment is temporary; equally many times, it is not. Sometimes that environment draws us together, hence the adage “couples caught up in their own world”; sometimes it pulls us apart. (note to self please please don’t be the stupid one to get left behind in my own rose-tinted world uhm one such experience is enough><)

Third- confidence. Society has a stigma against lone-ness (this rings a bell haha hm have I written about it before?). I googled if it was weird to play pool by myself- before catching myself and realizing that I can do whatever the heck I want heh- and saw this article “the 11 strangest thing to do by yourself”. As if the title isn’t bad enough, the things described are perfectly normal – watching a movie, bowling, eating at a restaurant etc – but written about with such a disparaging tone. I wanted to believe that the author was sarcastic haha but it was likely that he was perfectly serious. ;( 

In my time in Cambridge, I’d like to consciously step out of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of my interactions and activities. X) Part of the lure of the UK was a strong support network of Singaporeans and Malaysians – let that not be a setback too. Tommy has the most amazing advice and personal experiences wrt this matter and I quite agree :):) Sigh sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I went to the U.S. instead… So very, very different.


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