Finding things to do

Sigh recuperating after an op sucks ;( can’t eat much for fear of inflammation, can’t do much coz stitches— so sports, music, etc all out for at least a bit longer boohoo. The name of my game now pretty much reads: finding things to do. (hence the title bahaha)

I’m reading a lot!! Everything from classics to science to adventure thrillers hehe. Rediscovering both a love for reading and it’s creative sister– writing. Along the way I found this interesting list of books which Neil deGrasse Tysons Believes Everyone Should Read. I don’t necessarily approve them all HAHA and I have this sneaky feeling the reasons he lists are half-satirical. Well here’s the list!! Judge for yourself?

Watching showwwsss quite possibly my next-most-done activity! But I’m not very fond of staring at a computer screen all day >< so there’s a constraint? Also why I can’t take too many coursera courses haha. I doubt I’ll ever be able to substitute actual schooling for the pure online-at-home-learning-by-yourself type of education. Just seems a smidge impersonal and solitary to me… not exactly the best recipe for holistic development. 

I was thinking of attending or even taking part in a poetry/ story slam too. Seems like an up-and-coming trend, and right up my alley!! I’ve always believed in the power of speech– before the Internet made fame infinitely easier to achieve, speech (propagated by radio and TV) was the sole medium by which the best leaders were born and hailed forever. Think: Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Churchill etc :)

AND scrapbooking. My friend’s coming over to make a scrapbook for our clique!! It’d be lovely if we could make it a thing– like print a photo of us every outing to document our friendship through the years :) Was wondering if I should use this time to get better at drawing or smth idk HAHA :O way too much restless energy– just need the motivation to make it productive energy.


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