boxing day *powpowpow*

Hello!! Today is supposedly called boxing day. Anyone knows why that is? i’ve always wondered ahahaha maybe i’ll google later and write it below my post for today– so yall will be in suspense now x) until later. Okay now i know; Kelvin just told me– it’s coz you have to BOX everything up after receiving everything during christmas! :O OH NO WAIT HAHA that’s wrong, i mean you have to box up your christmas tree and decorations etc. ohhh that makes so much sense. oof.

Okiedokieeee Christmas post time :) What’s Christmas to you guys? When I was younger it was all about attending church and watching the whole re-telling of the Christian Christmas story: watching baby Jesus get born (sometimes with a real baby but more often than not just plastic dolls coz children are the ones acting and they dare not entrust a real baby to children), the third wise men, listening to preachers’ sermons and all. But nowadays… nowayears (to be exact), only my dad goes to church and i don’t so… … My younger cousins ask me about it sometimes and i never know what to reply >< it’s strange.

I guess I’ve always believed in good and bad as a universal standard. Much like what Aslan in Narnia said, all kind deeds done in the name of Tash (the supposed devil? the antithesis of Aslan ) is recognised by Aslan, while all evil deeds done in Aslan’s name is attributed to Tash when ‘judgment day’ comes. Attaching a godly name to any deed doesn’t make it good/bad; the deed itself does. So Christmas to me… transcends religion too! It’s just a day to give and receive and have a wonderful time with your loved ones anddd hopefully learn something about yourself through the process. :)

Have a nice rest of 2014 lovelies ^^


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