London & Scotland

Hahaha I was gonna come up with some cool name like- the land of… but yeah I kinda got stuck there so x) I’m kinda late oopsies– writing this on Christmas day when it’s supposed to be for the 19th. But the trip is still vividly etched into my head so hooray :)))

My trip was 12 days long altogether. Visited London and Scotland though the primary purpose was…. *much fanfare* my Cambridge interview! Ooh shivery. I had a lot of fun ahahaha but I guess we never know how well they did (esp in comparison with others) and what they’re looking for and they’re a bazillion uncontrolled variables so… >< but really, fingers crossed heh.

Scotland!! I’m not the first here who’s visited Scotland ahaha someone competed there whoot but I did go to The Highlands. Scotland, according to my guide, is known as the land of mystery. misty mountains,

OKAY i’ll continue tomorrow. apologies for the cliff-hanger hehe but a lady has gotta get her beauty sleep ;)

(sorry as you could tell halfway through i was a bit lazy to capitalise the letters hehheh so it’ll just be an uncapitalised, funnily-punctuated, greatly-hypenated, run-on-y flow of my thoughts– do hope you lovelies won’t mind x))


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