the centre of the universe

We tend to think we’re the centre of the universe.

We can’t help it. We’re the centre of our own universes after all, and too often, that’s the only universe we know– so it becomes The Universe.

examples abound in real life i think, whether we realise it or not. like when we produce pour in so much effort into something and we think it has to be good by virtue of the effort we put in — because in our universe no one puts in more effort than us? like when we produce the best, the most amazing piece of work we have ever done and we think “this is the one, world.” — because in our universe everyone should appreciate what we appreciate. like when we think we have to win because in our universe, we are blinded to the brilliance of others.

but sweetie, the universe has so many suns.

i don’t think this phenomenon is particularly good or bad (or maybe i’m just too tired to think now). what i mean is that it shouldn’t be judged because this isn’t a deliberately narcissistic tendency – heck, sometimes we wish we weren’t the centre of the universe. when we stumble while performing or spill soup in the middle of the canteen, for example. in the wide world. few notice. but in our minds the mistakes get amplified. the magnetism of our universes toss us unwittingly into the limelight, whether we like it or not.

but lovely, the limelight is a solitary candle.

and the audience of the stages of our lives are transient, except for a select few.

So give yourself a break sometime :) And watch others’ skies. Because our universe is worth embracing– but only when we understand its true size, but only when we can bear its hard embrace in return.


One thought on “the centre of the universe

  1. Then there’s the people who wish to be nothing more than satellites. When they feel that their own world has blown up, and all that’s left of who they used to be, and what they used to be, are merely rocks floating around in the universe.

    Sure, there’s prolly a bit of gravity left, with the largest piece.

    “Pull yourself together.”

    Yet one decides to just remain as a satellite, until they eventually reform again.

    And they will reform again into the old planet. Someday, sometime.
    Another star, another planet.

    …That reminds me of Doctor Who all of a sudden.


    Take care of yourself, Mochi!

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