Metacognition. I think I’ve written a post about something like that once before, because I’m perpetually fascinated with the way humans can think about their thinking.

Here goes– everyone is in a bubble of some sort, whether it is by their own doing or shaped by circumstances. Just like how our eyes can always see our nose but our brain chooses to ignore it and factor it out of the image it ultimately shows because it’s such a regular feature; similarly, we slip into our bubbles so gradually that once we’re inside it, we fail to notice how truly ensconced we are!

I only realized how painfully oblivious I was when I carved out the time to stick my head out, but it’s a tough effort that I’m quite sure many won’t want to make, or won’t have the opportunity to. …why bother if we can survive perfectly well within…right?

Are there implications for ignorance though? I honestly have no answer.

I think if anyone claims to know the answer we’ll end up in that horrible circular philosophical argument where we believe we’re better than everyone else because we’ve “stepped out” of childish arguments, into a higher plane of enlightenment… And a fraction within the plane will think they’ve ascended beyond even that plane, into another, more “righteous” one… And it goes on.

And on.

And on.

Running on a wheel to nowhere. If we’re mice running that dogged wheel, who can claim to be Human?

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