It’s been a while since i felt contentedly exhausted, bone-wearily happy.

2 oxymorons you’d be hardpressed to find in school. School drains, but does it give? RG drains but gives back so much more. When I came home I literally had to sit down for a few minutes and gather my thoughts. I’m not sure I was zoned out from draining or overwhelmed by the returning emotions. I love RGS; coming back never fails to flood me with nostalgia (ackk i’m using the word, i always thought it made one feel old and sagely). I think it’s a safe environment there to explore and do the things you love, be the person you want with less cynical and jaded judgement. The perfect place to rush around and accomplish too much.

Growing up is interesting. I talked to an amazing classmate today and take5(-2), caught up with a senior, peptalked my juniors. And I really caught a glimpse of time and perspectives — life, slight regrets, hopeful dreams. I must admit though, much to my surprise, it’s not only physical stamina that atrophies with disuse heh. x)

Stargazing was fun. I didn’t know how much I missed me-time or perspectives-taking that looking at the sky forces us all the take. Earth-rise, moon-rise, sun-rise, star-rise. We are grand dots on a dimpled marble near an amazing ball of light in a vast ocean of nothingness and everythingness.

We are the universe.
We are the universe with everything;
We are the universe with everything and nothing;
We are the universe with everything and nothing encompassed in a billion sizzling connections.

Connections. imsotirediwannasleep


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