Science Journalism



Under the broader field of science communicators there is this amazing profession!! Dr Carl Sagan, Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr Brian Cox, Dr Michio Kaku (why are they all astrophysicists), Steve Irwin (1 biologist?!). Physics is cool and astronomy is inspiring but nature has so much to share too. How can we not be inspired by the clockwork precision with which we tick; by the animals who seem to have moralities too (Frans de Waals); by how little we understand of the world around us despite our inescapable presence in it (like the role of music)? Can biology reconcile with wonder? Can biology give us beauty? Can biology explore the issues of our place in the universe too? Because these seem to be things we are innately and helplessly fascinated by.

I want to write to learn to inspire. Watch out, worlddddd!


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