picture surfing

a day has 24 hours. and in that time we all do the things we like! for me, i enjoy talking to my friends, writing, reading, playing the violin and piano and guitar, *inserts billion and one other things- or so it feels like* and (sometimes) I even enjoy doing homework.

but recently i’ve started to look forward to and treasure the time i spend surfing through my we-heart-it and pinterest account hehe x) i guess like all social media it’s about the things/ people you follow… and i follow beautiful things. :)

and when you see something that you have experienced before! or that tugs at your heartstrings (chordae tendineae) or just speaks to you so truly it practically leaps out of the screen and all you can do is squeal– i think those are precious moments. it’s indescribably uplifting to imagine someone – maybe your next door neighbour hiding in a pseudonym, maybe a pretty lady in a paris cafe savouring her scones and the pictures with equal delight, or a gentleman catching a moment’s break in mexico – sharing the same thoughts and ideas as you. they feel for the photo too, are inspired too, and in that brief second we share a bond. a bond that assures that we’re not alone with our problems and that we cannot, will not!, drown in them.

i’ll share a few of my favourite ones here later ahahaha they’re in a library on my phone :) :) but till the next time, find some ways to transcend your individual problems! be it through music or pictures or anything heh. in my opinion the best thing about social media is that it proves to us time and again that the world’s one big community and there’s so many people similar to us and different from us and so much to learn :)

goodnight! <3


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