my most-used words


I have always been a strong believer in the power of writing in conveying our deeper thoughts– the emotions we experience but never have the occasion to express in real-life conversations. (and after tonight, i’m a great fan of speech too i think its beautiful to hear the voice of a friend you trust, to soothe and be soothed)

This word cloud was automatically generated from my Facebook posts with an app (, with the size of the words corresponding to the number of times used. It’s Facebook, and if allllll the GP essays claiming that we flaunt only our achievements on social media counts as a good guide, this word cloud is far from representative of my everyday vocabulary. Even so this reflects a slice of my life… A sorta large slice since I try and try not to succumb to temptation of peacock-ing on Facebook ><

Words are powerful. So what do my words say about me? What do our words say about us? I thought about it more than I’d initially bargained for heh. ‘Work’, ‘amazing’ and ‘hahaha’ is no surprise HAHA– I’ll leave you to guess why. What is truly intriguing and unexpected are ‘Singapore’, ‘time’, ‘memories’, ‘crazy’, ‘rules’, (in descending order of surprise). Have I really mentioned Singapore that much! (Must be my subconscious) And time, too? Hmm :)


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