Treehouses and interesting reads #1 :)

More interesting pieces because despite promos in 4 days i just can’t help myself from reading– but if it’s any comfort, (to all you people out there too ahahaha)

time enjoyed

So much inspiration to draw from and a myriad of writing styles to appreciate! Maybe someday i’ll write beautiful reflective pieces that are unequivocally mine.

Till then, I just want a treehouse.

treehouse 1


treehouse interior

treehouse interior 1

Architects from recently disbanded La Casa Sull’albero had this shared philosophy that “the trunk, its branches and its leaves decide what a house will look like, but it will certainly be much more comfortable than you imagine”.  The idea that we honour the curves and beauty of nature to create complementary structures — rather than whack it till its square and shiny — appeals to me on a deeper level… which, comes to think of it, probably explains my younger days’ fascination with ‘The Faraway Tree’ series by Enid Blyton (i thumbed through The Enchanted Wood again and again till it almost fell to bits). Hmm! The new things we learn everyday from self-introspection :O

More treehouse pictures here hahaha some of them are actually for visitors to stay in! Definitely wanna visit a couple after As :)

New Zealand :D

More reads! =^^=

On the crafting the art that is writing:

Lack of affection: the causes and effects of feeling love

Yoga and freediving:

The power of touch for both men and women:


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