thought catalogue on ruling the world and abs


or –as you will see– not. :)

my favourite quote (though not by far– way too many nice things in there)

If you can read this, your life is pretty awesome.


One thought on “thought catalogue on ruling the world and abs

  1. Yes, it’s very beautiful. But no, it doesn’t work. I’ve had enough shit to know.

    The pretty thing about these steps is that they marginalize your problems and help you deceive yourself. So if I wanted but didn’t have amazing sex, I wouldn’t go “yay at least I’m not poor”. I’d end up lying to myself, and not getting what I want. It’ll work better if I *fought* for it – get off my butt, work off the excess fat, get flat abs and a higher chance of awesome intercourse.

    (Whoops. That was awkward.)

    Except what I don’t have matters to me more than just amazing sex. So everyday, I fight for what I don’t have. I’ve made some advances, but there is still much work to do.

    You’re well-endowed, and this article therefore works for you. But if you removed those rose-tinted glasses and see the bullets flying at me (and some of my friends) daily, maybe you’d understand.

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