live, laugh, love! ;)

my violin teacher has a baby boy!! :) he posts lots of photos and you can really see how proud he is of his kid ^^ one of my first times personally knowing someone with a new kid, especially now that I understand things more (watching my little cousin when I was 5 hardly count haha)– really quite awesome hahaha #newexperience

This is the song he wanted to tell his kid– I think the title says it all. _ data player

I wonder if he plays violin for the baby everyday. also wondering how he always manages to coax lovely melodies from my violin something i never can myself. just you wait violin– slowly but surely one day I’ll rise up to your challenge =^^=


Comments on: "new baby kid on the block, i mean, facebook :)" (2)

  1. The answer to your last question: practice. Don’t stop until your fingers bleed.
    (Seriously, that’s what my senior does.)

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