Asian Science Camp 2013 @ Tsukuba, Japan

hahaha crap re-reading through my old writing is always a half-painful, 哭笑不得 kinda experience– i swear i wasn’t thinking straight when i wrote those. so many choppy and strange sentences and a smattering of grammatical mistakes eeeeeeeeee.


somehow or other without knowing it my trip is japan is inextricably linked to music again hahaha!

here’s maddy’s and my waking-up song (yes we actually have one trololol)

the one thing we have to thank for ensuring we always made it for breakfast, and most importantly, the camp itself <3 even after sleeping so late every day– welllll we did start shopping at 9pm haha. and of course ruixin!! for ringing our doorbell when we overslept this one day hahaha i still laugh thinking about it x) this song signalled the wonderful start of a new day. the idea that another amazing adventure was about to begin!! but more on that later.

another song i’m listening to. to bring back my memories… the song the japanese used to dance to. I found it the second day i came back and all the memories flooded back but i so determinedly shut it off so that i could keep my memories for when i had the opportunity to write it down– i.e. now!

so… before i start– what was this trip about? after 3 rounds of selection, 5 students were chosen to represent Singapore at the Asian Science Camp 2013 held in Tsukuba, Japan. :) I’m very very fortunate to be one of them. We went with a teacher, which made us 6-cute-ladies-strong ;) We had to miss a week of school– something I was just a tad worried about. But I wouldn’t have given up this experience for anything in the world. just one ordinary week in singapore– in japan, became an extraordinary journey. one i can still recall picture-perfectly now, and with this post, hopefully for many many years to come.


what to write, what to say? too much too much. i want to document the physical journey, but also the experiences i learnt. mmm let’s first talk about what we did, then group it into 3 main takeaways kay :)

~~~what we did!~~~

Sunday: Arrived at the narita airport! Checked in at our hotel, then Welcome Dinner!
Monday: ASC2013 is officially, grandly opened. :D Lectures and camps begin~ Class orientation in the evening.
Tuesday: More lectures and camps ahahaha, we formed our little teams and started thinking about the poster!
Wednesday: Camps and lectures in the morning. Japanese cultural activities in the evening! We danced their traditional dance, folded origami and
Thursday: Excursion dayyyyy! I visited KEK, the high energy accelerator lab on particle physics, the oedeo-onsen monogatari (hot springs theme park), sensoji temple (the oldest temple and most impressive temple in tokyo) and a nakamise shopping arcade! Hung out at my friends’ room at night playing uno, eating, talking to and singing with remi– about japan and V6 just quiet peaceful time.
Friday: Poster exhibition day. Closing ceremony then the Farewell Party :’)
Saturday: Wistful breakfast with our friends. Shopped arounddd~ Flight home… (we almost missed it hahaha shopping too much at the airport, we freaking rannnn all the way to the departure gate, and had to take a skytrain there somemore omg lololx)’


it was a science camp and of course i learnt a lot of science :) it covered so many topics, from astronomy, math and physics, to chemistry and biology. so many things i’d never be able to learn in  in singapore, i experienced there. :) granted, there were sleepy days and moments, but mostly, as sherry said, 我听得好入神,一副陶醉的样子! knowledge is precious ;D


i deliberately chose this photo because it had Dr Yonath in it!! :D i got her autograph too ahahaha okay it’s kinda 1am so i should turn in, but i’ll continue for sure :) still haven’t written about friends and that just won’t do will it! =^^=



from the singapore delegation, the coolest people ever. i remember talking to pei fang about poverty and scientific misuse and the state of the world, and how we can do something. spazzing with maddy– being ribosomes with mRNA and amino acids ahahaha crap so lame. laughing about dapau and her peaches. hanging out with her and junju at the park on the second last day under the evening sun, watching birds fly by and someone do crunches on the grass. and of course good ole mdm koh who was just the right balance of responsible and trusting us.



i love asc. i adore japan. dang i miss it so much. and i wish i hugged them all more heh. but it’s nothing to be sad about i think :) celebrate the journey, but don’t pine for its return. :) and really, as admin of our facebook group and talking to my all friends– this pretty pakistani lady, the korean guy who shyly slipped my favourite gift into my bag and all… Asian Science Camp 2013 lives on. :)


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