just walk away

the audio in this isn’t the best but i thought the video and the scenes were too precious to sacrifice for the addition drumbeats in the background. i didn’t quite get the video at first– how can such a melancholic song be accompanied by a beginning so sweet? but there’s some half-painful irony here– how she clasps the flower so close, singing about someone so far; how she’s torn between hope and protecting her heart. sigh i keep reminding myself this is HSM for goodness sake but the (over) glamourisation still never fails to get to me– there’s just something pretty enchanting about living in a house with an open-air balcony (whereyoucanshoutyourfrustrationsaway), climbable trees, warm lights and mantelpieces.

p.s. i wonder if Nicholas Carr was right (his book– the shallows: what the internet is doing to our brains) and we are really becoming too cognitively flitty, too used to hopping from little-blue-underlined-hyperlink to hyperlink and so much so that we cannot think deep. even my writing has taken on a subtly choppy edge like the online simulation we get now.

is it time to walk away


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