before i sleep

quite tired heh but thought i’d scribble (figuratively) some stuff down before i sleep and i forget :)

-“if you’re tired now imagine how it will be like in a war.” i’ll never have the benefit (…dubious benefit i must add) of going to army and learning the way they do about war and peace and the meaningfulness of service to protect your friends and family. but through friends maybe i’ll get a glimpse so thank you

-it’s all in the mind.

-feel like i finally have a taste of my own medicine and it sucks so damn bad– its with trepidation and odd longing that i inch forward

-appreciative to my GP teacher for the surprising but inspirational sharing and reaffirmation of something i discovered. it’s quite rare for teachers to scrape time out from our academic-oriented curriculum so i wrote to him to thank him– i’m glad i did.

-there’re so many people to think about and so little people to think about them– or is there? :)

-to Darrel and his classmate for letting me re-understand something, thank you

and finally today’s sunset :) so blatantly instagrammed but very pretty




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