different definitions of (truly) living

thought i’d get this out before council results comes out tomorrow. :)

campaigning period was so short this time round, and half my time was spent laughing with my group and being half amused half exasperated at the guy-whom-girls-think-is-cute (?!) anyway choices, and the feeling of tethering on the edge of something is what i wanna write about today.

it reminded me of a conversation i had with beatrix at the beginning of the year, when we were young and blur kidz. its always like that at the start of something new… the overwhelming feeling of balancing at a edge of a precipice (or in this case, the opening of a huge wind tunnel). there’s gonna be studies friends cca enrichment studies personal time music friends studies studies studies A levels. the 2 years in jc’s gonna fly by fast and at the end of it (when we’re ejected out of the tunnel with a brilliant spray of fireworks) (how’s my analogy! ;D)– where will we be? how far would we have come?

as i grow older i realize that the choices we make are increasingly difficult– to write or bake or study? do we spend time alone or hang out with friends? a bunch of friends or just few close ones? and most significantly, do work or play? i strongly believe that there should be a balance between the two, but honestly, it’s all too easy to completely forgo one in favour of the other. sometimes (for better or for worse) i slant towards enjoyment.

the first day of ISLE Rainwater ice-breaking, we were supposed to introduce ourselves– our name, CCA, favourite food and dream. it was a confusing game where we had to introduce each other to another person and exchange slips of paper with our name on it. but what really struck me was how at least a fifth of my friends said their dream was to be happy; while another fifth or so said their dream was to become doctors/a job.


i think most people do agree with this ^

but does it entail…


hahaha :) you decide!

i just wanna say that although somehow the idea of instant gratification has, in recent times, acquired a slightly negative connotation (“would you choose instant gratification *disdain* or delay it like a diligent hardworking good proper student??”) it’s okay sometimes. :)

gonna bake caramel cornflakes crunch now then study chemistry :) will post a pic later!


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