thoughts off the tip of my head

1. receiving results is always nerve-wracking but receiving results for major exams seems (logically) even scarier. people-watched with jun hao today while waiting for our ‘leaders for a better age’ interview and it’s just wow to see them receive it– the pre-anticipation, moment of truth, followed by the unadulterated fist pump or sinking disappointment. :/ it was almost terrifying to watch and i can hardly imagine me doing the same, 2 years from now. :O

2. i wish i had more time, more hours in a day.

3. music is lovely.

4. friends are easy to make but hard to maintain. :/

5. dang i want to do too many things but no focusing focusing on violin and taekwondo first it’s just– there’re so many cool things in this world.. maybe being an immortal sparkly vampire isn’t so bad after all hahaha :)





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