how are you?

i'm (not) fine

this famous picture. true sometimes, but maybe -hopefully- -definitely- not always. :)

you’re so utterly frustrating i try and try to help maybe i shouldn’t okay i think i have an idea
praying my toe is just badly bruised and not fractured it hurt like crazy but slightly less now so hurray i guess
think i’m angry and i hate it when i’m snappy ughhhh played violin :) listened to music drew my memory palace

look, problems can be solved :) don’t give up hope– you know who you are.


One thought on “how are you?

  1. Alice Margatroid says:

    Apologies for the negativity.

    I think it is too easy for you to say that you’re fine. I’ve said enough about how you’re an overachiever, about how you have everything, about how you’re …perfect. When you are …you, when your life is superlatively awesome, it’s easy to be happy, to have hope – and to have truckloads of it.

    It’s not that easy for someone who consistently underachieves, who feels and IS inadequate, who has a broken family.

    My life sucks. I suck. Writing my appeal for Gap Semester courses while getting screamed at by a depressed female co-inhabitant. I am reminded again of how I screwed Physics up, about how everyone’s doing so much better than I am.

    How do you expect me to find hope?

    I’m depressed.
    I’m lonely.
    I’m crying.

    And I’m anything but fine.

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