do you believe in fate :)

sometimes things are too coincidental to be true~

//edit 17 feb– y’know rui wen said this during our post-take5 outing too how cool it that! this line really strikes a chord with me (hahahaseewhatididthere) not just coz my friends and i’ve experienced really amazing things in real life, but also because of astro :) there’s this cool theory in astrophysics and cosmology called the anthropic principle and “it’s the philosophical consideration  that observations of the physical universe must be compatible with the conscious life that observes it” (thank you wiki) which kinda means that our universe is compelled for conscious life to eventually emerge! not sure if i believe it but still the odds that we’re all here on earth is really mind-blowing :)

thank you for the memories :) from talking to jamming to shopping to hair hahaha and the songs too really had an amazing time :3


hee I’ll post the before-after on 1st march :) keep in touch and please stay safe in army friend!

and all the lights that light the way are blinding


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