Human Revolution

15 Jan 2013 :) shifting this up so I’ll hold on tight to it through jc :)

I love this article it’s brilliant and… reflects my views :) I know the wall of text on the page looks scary at first glance so here are a couple of tidbits I picked up :)

An inner change for the better in a single person is the essential first turn of the wheel in the process of making the human race stronger and wiser. This “human revolution” is, I believe, the most fundamental and most vital of all revolutions. This revolution–an inner process of self-reformation–is completely bloodless and peaceful. In it everyone wins and there are no victims.

We are changing constantly, but the real issue is whether we change for the better or the worse, whether or not we succeed in enlarging our narrow, self-centered focus to take a broader view.

But if we succeed in challenging ourselves on a fundamental level, we can change from someone who is buffeted about by the environment or the people around us, to someone who can positively influence our situation and surroundings. We actually create the unique shape of our lives by the infinite choices we make each day.

As the Russian author Tolstoy wrote, “Supreme happiness is to find that you are a better person at the end of the year than you were at the beginning.”

Transforming our own lives at the most fundamental level actually holds the key to changing society. A deep change in our outlook, the inner reality of our life, produces changes in the external workings of our life, in other people, and our community.

:) too many people think we’re a hopeless selfish and doomed bunch but I have really high hopes for the human race :) I think we possess amazing courage and strength– just look at mother teresa or rick and dick hoyt, if only we learn to harness it!! If there’s one thing I’d like to do in life, it’ll be to inspire as many people as possible with this dream… or truth? Because it all starts with an inner change, doesn’t it? :) Dear Lord please grant me the strong character and power of speech!! It’s like the Bishop in Les Miserables… He gave Jean Valjean silver, yes, but more than that, he treated him as an equal, as a beautiful human being in his own right– and that was the catalyst that changed his life. Jean Valjean too, received an act of kindness from the Bishop, and multiplied that kindness tenfold to the community around him. :)


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