Orientation 2013 — Aurora

//6 Jan: ORIENTATION deserves a full-blown post I swear , every single day was so insanely eventful and post-worthy but dang i was super exhausted every night heh x) waiting a little while longer for my hair to dry now so hoping to capture a little of the kaleidoscopic emotions and memories that are flying through my head :)

FUN :) “I had so much more fun than I thought I would!!” said Daniel and I really agree! the activities (external activities, CCA fest etc) were really well-planned and crisply executed with such efficiency; the games logistics were all present and in ample supply; storyline was on such a huge scale –150 pages of script i don’t think she was joking– i’m only now starting to fully comprehend the amount of effort that must have been poured into this. well, it paid off :) the war games were amazingly fun and i think I speak for more than myself when I say we thoroughly enjoyed them!! ^^

FRIENDS <3 “It’s the company that counts.” THIS AGE-OLD ADAGE IS SO TRUE :) haha I didn’t understand my seniors’ obsessions with their OGs till I was really in one myself! but now i get it– wenwei’s j3 and still meeting his OG, it almost defies reality, that the friendships forged in 4 intense days can last 2 (probably equally hectic) years! haha but I hope we can too :) scratch that, we can and we will!! we write our own stories and lives ;) this is the year to make friends and enrich ourselves and the community~ don’t be like hamlet x) whatever fate/path we tread that brought us together, J1J2J3s and all, i’m really thankful :)

LEARNING ;) new friends new personalities new surprises new interests and games and philosophies :)

TO BE CONTINUED i’m yawning so much idon’treallyknowwhatimtypingzzzzzzzzzz goodnight world ^^

//8 Jan: I think everyone wishes orientation could last forever– I certainly did!! curling up in bed on nights of the last day and second last day I was a little sad and anxiously apprehensive– but we’re entering an exciting period of life and i wouldn’t exchange it for the world so LEGGO ;D

disney!!<3 da best :)


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