oh my my how beautiful

absolutely contented with my interview :))))) I really said everything I wanted to it’s such a good chance for self-reflection and to crystallize your views into something matured and concrete and when i say it i instinctively know it’s right.

if only some other things were so simple. ><

And to end off with a lovely song :) it gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling because mankind is here against all odds, admiring the everyday phenomena/miracles from a giant ball of hydrogen-helium 93 million miles away. it reflects the scale of the universe and it’s impact on us :) it’s kinda why i like astronomy too i guess.

240 thousand miles from the Moon, we’ve come a long way to belong here,
To share this view of the night, a glorious night, over the horizon is another bright sky
Oh, my my how beautiful~


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