the future~

i was talking to my mum about different people and the differences between us all and wow it really makes me wonder how some people do so so many things– music, sports, art, dance, volunteer, study while other just… sit around and… game? (reminds me of the video world’s strictest parents, and how the children was so amazed by how ‘singaporeans study so hard and want to do something with their lives‘)

am i too busy? was i too busy in year 4, what with everything going on? i’m not sure, but looking back, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger(!), i really think i learnt a lot :) and the experiences that jump out are those (times) where i poured my heart into things despite how busy i was :) and every time i hang out doing things, i thank my lucky stars my parents let me do so much when i was young :) a lot of people think this is STRESSING THE KIDS OUT (boomz big shouty capitals) but “making them lose their childhood” but frankly, is it? is having a lovely childhood sitting home watching TV all day while time that’ll never come back slip through your fingers? is part of a ‘good’ childhood just playing around without real purpose? :) most people would say– “just let them have FUN!” and ah yes, that’s where things get interesting. :)

what is fun? i think it all depends on how you inspire the kid and how you frame things in their amazingly fluid and impressionable minds :)

when… if?… when I become a parent i really wanna send my kids to cool lessons and expose them!! music, dance, sports, science courses exploring nature and astronomy, sugar spice and everything nice :) but that’s not the point. What I mean is that… I want to inspire my children. :) in other words no, we do NOT push them to go learn with a cane and with threats, that’ll be horribly counter-productive; but by say… showing them videos of graceful ballet dancers, playing a lovely lullaby on piano and teaching them personally, playing sports and bonding, discovering nature together, pointing out cute animals– casually chatting about the intricacies in each species, showing them symmetries in math, even! and most most importantly, motivating them to love everything they do. :)

A home filled with love and wonder; fun and excitement. :) And all the beautiful things in life. <– I think as long as people strive to achieve this, no matter how many courses you do, the kid’s childhood will be incredible. :) learning is fun, after all! and haha uhh I know I haven’t mentioned it at all above and I’m a little reluctant to say so now x) but I really pray that my life partner will love this journey too :))) and that we’ll be awesome together. imscarediwontfindanyonehelpnoonewantstobeforeveralone):

I used to think that all excitement would cease once we exit school, or start a ‘mundane working life/a family’ (“oh the horror!” some of my friends would exclaim) but but BUT that’s not true at all!! It’s a whole new world :) and exploring it with a partner (on a magic flying carpet hahaha!!) will surely reveal novel and new things. :)

<3 i love disney :)

a whole new world [don’t you dare close your eyes]

“do you trust me?” *stunned surprise* …yes… :’)

hahaha testament to my psychology-biology influence coz that just reminded me of the misattribution theory of attraction!!! if you’re curious :)

world’s strictest parents! — SO CALLED!! bleahx i don’t believe *sticks out tongue* all parents just want what’s best for their children whatttt (:


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