conversations :)

more talking today but relaxed ones this time :) these conversations are ones i want to keep so here we go~

~interview: *woosh* okay hang on. i’ll come back to you in a bit!

~sarah and beatrix: talked to them yesterday about shining a light. and… i drew this analogy to maslow’s pyramid, his hierarchy of needs. y’know how the bottom most level is the one about basic needs? 1. many many people in this world spend their lives chasing material goods, money, concrete things that prove their existence to the world. they do it for different reasons, because they have no choice, because they love those things, because they see no other way. 2. some people manage to break out of this level and ascend to the second level, where they not only pursue money, but also their values. whatever their values are, they take it into consideration and align their thoughts (and actions– actions are a step higher than thoughts :)) in it. 3. yet others… do all that ^ but the difference is that they strive for good. there’re the good values, and there’re the not-so. in level 2, the values may be not-so-good >< but in level 3, i like to think that people strive for Good. :) i know some people think there’s no true good and bad and yes yes i’m not gonna argue, but some things are obviously lovely and help the human race :) and i like to think that’s good.

so. why the levels? can people move between levels? i’m not saying any level is better than any other… but i really think everyone has the potential to move up a level if they wish. it’s just sometimes they don’t know how. and i think what my friends and i really wanna do is just to show these people that there’s a level out there that they can go. where things aren’t all about yourself, where you -yes YOU- have the potential to help others, bring cheer to their lives. it’s why most volunteers are motivated i think :) (though there’s that 1% there for CV’s-sake) if we can do that… impact others! i think we’ll have done something nice in our lives. and it’s really a fulfilling experience, i can testify :)

i’ve never articulated this so clearly before but i can see it coalescing into something cool now!! so yes, that’ll be my new year resolution :)

~debbie: cheng hang and i was talking to her about council and how we can make changes in there and whether it’s a popularity contest and all i can say now is that i’m confused. :/ but i will think hard :)


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