peace came.

Thank goodness for the lovely day today haha so much traveling around for me :) i talked so much today (especially if i include gavel trials later!) the LKY ARE award chat-interview with sarah and yenjean was nice :) the process of doing and talking and slowly realising involves so much learning and no matter what happens I’m glad I went through it :)

stayed back 2 hours after that to talk to Sarah and Beatrix, everything from council and politics to religion and 人性本善还是本恶 to life and helping people and influence and how it’s amazing that life/the raffles environment has planted such a noble and idealistic desire in a lot of us. it’s true that speech can change a person’s heart and his/her perspective. the tongue as well as the pen is mightier than the sword.

:) but it has to be sincere and personal so maybe that’ll be my new year’s resolution for 2013– to impact as many people as I can in the right way :) and not get overly caught up in mundane matters or let it drum out our spirit. It’s so easy to, not so much in rgs, but very much in rjc because… just because of the culture maybe.

At the end of the day jc’s just 2 years (10 more months left of this school year!)

I walked around school –both schools– for a bit today, with this incredibly peaceful feeling and looking at this particularly shapeless, directionless cloud in the blue sky. it’s a bit like us haha :) as I walked I picked up some people, walked for a bit before they rushed off for their respective things. I wasn’t sure what i was trying to achieve and i was avoiding crowded areas but it doesn’t matter just looking around’s nice :) smiling is important– I think I’ve said the before but. I smiled at this lost-looking person and though I didn’t talk or do anything he has this weirdest expression on. so– smile :) not to get weird expressions directed at you but coz it’s valuable. 己所不欲,勿施于人!


Peace Came

When peace came, a gate begged
A gentle path inviting me to
Stroll through verdant fields of spring,
Bristling with a bouncing life
Of colour; flowers cheering to
The air ‘We have a chance in nature! ‘

When peace came, my addled head was
Reconciling, airing, ringing true –
The sense of crushing pressure dead;
Instead, I flamed a faith anew!

When peace came, I saw our youth
Inside a multicultural womb; our
Death was pointing to a proud
And glorious tomb engraved with words of
Freedom for the soul that was when
Once a body whence it thrived.

When peace came, there happened you –
A fragrance dancing ‘gainst a new and
Frightened innocence of beauty
– Eyes ready; slender arms of care –
A tender skin to be caressed.

And we were blessed by starting fresh
In rhythms of pervading warmth;

~ Mark R Slaughter (1957)


it is UN-complicated, after all. :)


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