writing a personal statement

is much much harder than it seems. …especially when the question is close to your heart. i mean, it’s all very well to write about xxx person or condemn the war in this-and-that state but what if you wanna draw in personal experiences? I think i’m taking risks with my unorthodox answer x) but it’s something I strongly believe in and i think i can make it work. i hope i can.

yesterday i was stressing out about this and my nomination and dang it what if i don’t get it… but i realised that this is supposed to be something encouraging, not worrying; so why should i ruin it? so many times, i think we assign way too much importance to something that isn’t so important on hindsight, and while that gives you sufficient positive stress to do it well, a balance must be struck.

still. the world gives importance to certain things :) so i’m hoping it’ll work out.

here’s something i found in my research! — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sheryl-paul/what-is-love_2_b_1446105.html.

28 Jan// The “it’s uncomplicated” workshop today was interesting and oddly enlightening (i like the teacher for her sincerity it was heartfelt and touching :’)) but sighhhh it also made me think of things I really really x97865213 didn’t want to think about ugh stop it get out get out get outta my head.


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