school’s starting! it’s not goodbye :)

School is starting. School is starting!!! (or has already started for many of my friends) :) :O >:)

Wow. Gonna do a 2013 Hopes&Dreams post later but this really means I’m gonna have to wean off using my phone so much!! …And consequently talk to some of my friends a lot less. But I’m not worried coz– AnneliseDarrelWesleyJannaIanJoelJoeymygrownupjuniorsinrgs and all– I promise our friendships will stay as colourful and intricate a tapestry as ever. :))) fate works in mysterious ways and i believe time /space can’t separate good friends :)

So chin-up and enjoy school!! :D It’s a new beginning and truthfully I’m terrified but I think this year is gonna be interesting~


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