first time everrrr– starting a fashion blog!

//edit: 16 jan’13 posting pictures of yourself is so nerve-wracking :/ I wonder how people who do fashion blogs (Xiaxue?) survive… >< maybe they thrive, that's how. anyway I wanted to wait to unlock this so that this post wouldn't be right up front, but I really do need suggestions :O

i want to start a food and/or fashion blog! :DDD i've been thinking about it for the longest time– still remember talking to my friend about it a month or so ago, and again when i was this free kid last week :) i know my seniors have one, and i think i know someone who may be interested in starting one with me, and i definitely know pro people to QC the photos but how?! :O hmm coz i don’t want to become like xiaxue (goodness please no) or some famous person, it’s a lot for our own entertainment really– and something to laugh at 10 years down the road, and because we appreciate pretty clothes and love wacky styles XP okay i don’t know how i’m going to do it but i’m gonna start collating photos first! i remember talking to rachel, and she went something like “i need to take photos of all the clothes in my (humongous) wardrobe so that i can remember to wear them!” well i don’t really have gigantic walk-in wardrobes but that’s a great idea~

alright whatever confusing businesses aside here are photos from my shopping spree @ bugis village today! shopped with kirsten at far east before house prac last thursday but far east has gotten boring (4 years horh!!) and the season there is now (for some reason) flowers+neon colours, neither of which suits me x) so glad to finally have time at bugis!! still owe so many people outings– especially my girl friends, really scared i’ve drifted away from some of them this holidays ://



hahaha omg memories from this photo!!! we took it using the multiple-shot mode and you can actually see the whole action series of me going round and round and round dizzily, almost colliding into a wall then plonking on the bed and sticking out my tongue ahhhhhhhh i was laughing for 20 minutes looking at it!! super surprised a nice one even came out of this crazy experiment!!





and thennnn i became lazyyyyy and started making funny faces which you don’t want to see so okayyy i’ll be back after i talk to my friends and see how!!! maybe the idea will have to be shelved for now in view of school reopening and busy things but who knows!! ^^ I wonder if anyone has any ideas :)


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