Switched on my computer with a fierce determination to write– but now that I’m here my mind is blank. It feels almost alien, to be able to curl my legs up to my chest and type. This is the first night in a few that I haven’t spent with my guitar nestled in my lap, talking to a good friend of mine and listening to him sing– Ohhh on this note my playing has improved tremendously, hoping to apply this same fervor to my violin :)

People have been asking me why I love to write, when so many ‘Science kids’ out there don’t. Reading through a couple of my friends’ blog has slowly revealed the answer to me– and even now that once-mysterious answer is still emerging from the mist. What is writing? What is it for? Textbook definitions aside, writing is emotion and passion and logic and explanation poured out in the medium of words– these slippery little minnows that skid and jump and swim around the page, only to, at the command of a writer, jump into line and flow smoothly through our minds flashing little silvery bellies. Each word has its own meaning (i know this all too clearly from studying malay. word & meaning word & meaning, construct a sentence, grammar!) but together, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” says Aristotle (i just went on a wiki journey through greek philosophy wow). Sorry my analogies have a mind of their own in the middle of the night but i love how language can so vividly capture even the most intense of situations, the most beautiful of environments. :)

But beyond that, I think a person’s writing can show more about a person than say her/his thumbprint! Good writers have a  style of their own and their personalities just shine through. Which makes the difference between good writing and bad writing, i think… because anyone can write, but those who write with depth and hence have more opportunities for verbose expression, have minds that thinks beyond most :)

I was reading XingYue’s blog about art and went to the links http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/samuel-silva-redhead-girl wow it’s cool indeed.

//I’ve relieved and retold my past experiences more times in this holidays than I’ve dared to let myself think about in the past 6 months. I think this means I’m making new friends, close friends. :)

Receiving our ‘O’ levels results tomorrow. Only Chinese and Malay for me but it’s nerve-wracking enough :/ I’ve never been more thankful of my school– no matter what we’ll survive!

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost

My three words to sum up everything I’ve learnt about life would probably be very very different so I don’t really agree haha but i like his conviction. Life does go on! :) Jiayou us!!

Tomorrow. I. will. edit. my. Wuhan and Europe posts. YES I WILL. :)

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