i think i’ve grown

backing up my phone photos, and as they were flashing by, i saw some screenshots of old messages and woahh >< i almost couldn’t believe that the words in the little chat bubble pointing towards me, were words that I had written and sent. so bold so brash so unguarded. so full of :DDD and so little understanding of the world, so wildly expressive and a lot less reflection of the consequences of what i sent. was that the younger me?

i think i’ve grown.

i think a little more before hitting send now– i’ve learnt what repercussions unfiltered words can have, even if they’re by accident! i’m more rational, more controlled. still expressive and still cheery; still alternating being randomly-high when i’m delighted hahaha and being wise when my friends need me; most of all still me! viewing the world through rose-tinted lens :) but there’s a subtle difference, i’m more steady now. i wonder if my friends have noticed?

that’s pretty cool? bad? cool i guess. :)


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